SmFm Web Consultants SEO Strategy Outline

Here you can find a brief overview of some of the steps we take to optimize your website's ranking in search results.

  1. Use machine readable sitemaps to ensure search engines can find your content
  2. Control what pages appear in search results by telling search engines what pages to list
  3. Write keyword optimized meta data to help search engines and users understand your content
  4. Add structured data markup to further enhance search engines understanding of your content
  5. Manage and correct how your website information appears in search results
  6. Optimize your websites page navigation to improve search engines and users understanding of your website
  7. Review and optimize website URL structure to be human and machine readable
  8. Ensure website content is compelling and useful to users
  9. Optimize images for fast loading and provide machine readable descriptions
  10. Audit 'mobile-friendliness' of website, ensuring user experience is maintained across devices
  11. Add website to relevant business directories such as 'Google My Business'
  12. Promote your business with new content and blog posts, let the people know!
  13. Analyze your website's performance in search results, identify issues and refine strategies

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