Professional SEO Consulting

$40/hr Professional SEO Consulting

In our role as SEO consultants for your business we will use our expertise to provide you with expert SEO knowledge and actionable goals. We will research your business and SEO performance and provide you with a strategy to ensure your website gets maximum impressions in search engine results pages.

To give you better confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results we have outlined what specifically we do to improve your website's SEO here.

Key deliverables

  • First and foremost, improved SEO and more website traffic
  • Research optimal performing keywords for your business to target and use
  • Content strategy for your business
    • What content to create targeting what keywords
    • What medium for each piece of content eg. blog, social media etc.
    • A content calendar for where and when to post content
  • Existing SEO review, fix any mistakes or errors
  • Set milestones and goals and track progress towards them
  • Website meta data review and optimization
  • Review and advise on website mobile-friendliness
  • Monitor website ADA/WCAG 2.1 Accessibility compliance
  • And a whole lot more...

Typical cost over 6 months: $400
5 hrs in month 1, followed by 1 hr/month for 5 months

Improve your SEO today

We are always happy to work onsite and meet in person with Bakersfield & Kern County businesses.