Drone Videography Special FREE for Clients

FREE aerial drone videography for all clients within 100 miles of Bakersfield. Set your business apart from the competition with stricking aerial videos of your business.

Contact SmFm Web Consultants today to find out more - drone@smfmwebconsultants.com.

Subject to local laws and restrictions - see air space map for more information.

Aerial Videography Services

Using state of the art video drones SmFm Web Consultants take striking aerial video and photos to impress your customers. Whether shooting video in stunning 4k resolution or building massive composite panormas, SmFm Web Consultants can bring your vision to reality.

Aerial Photography:
Includes real estate, special events, journalism and agricultural applications.

Mapping and surveying:
Provide companies with digital elevations, property boundaries and surveying construction sites for placement of buildings.

Residential / Commercial inspections:
Check roofs, chimneys, siding, brick and other structures for exterior damage.

Contact SmFm Web Consultants today to disucss how aerial drone videography can work for your business - drone@smfmwebconsultants.com.

SmFm Web Consultants also offer aerial drone photography services.